Prosperi-Key, a venture supported by the United Way of Western Connecticut, connects people nationwide with local and national products, services, and discounts, including Personal Financial Coaches from TrustPlus.

United Way of Western Connecticut CEO Kim Morgan stays busy. She’s also CEO of Prosperity Digital Marketplace which recently launched the new…

TrustPlus Personal Finance Coach Adrianna Gregory offers steps to help find the right balance when deciding whether to save or pay down credit card debt.

By Adrianna Gregory

Saving money and paying down credit cards often feel like equally urgent yet mutually exclusive concerns. There is no one correct choice — but there are a few questions you can ask yourself to find the approach that is best for your financial wellness.

Federal student loan relief is extended through January when the “final extension of the pause on student loan repayment, interest, and collections” ends on January 31, 2022. TrustPlus Personal Finance Coach Amauris Belen discusses what he’s hearing from clients and how he’s helping them prepare.

What have you been hearing from clients about student loans?

I have clients who are…

What are you hearing from clients about back to school shopping?

I’ve had a couple of clients bring up back to school shopping because it is that time of year. They told me that July and August are their hardest months because of it. They’re struggling to balance regular bills already and then also have to get supplies and clothes for…

Robyn Dietz, head of talent management and human resources at Children’s Aid discusses investing in employees’ financial and mental health during the pandemic.

What is Children’s Aid?

Children’s Aid is a large nonprofit that serves New York City’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. …

If you’re one of roughly 11 million U.S. adults behind on your rental payments, you’re not alone. Help is on the way.

Tuesday’s announcement by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to extend the federal eviction moratorium through October 3, 2021 covers roughly 90 percent of renters and will give states more time to disperse the remaining $43 billion in emergency rental relief allocated by Congress.

Below are four recommendations to…

New data suggest PTSD is driving stress levels up, reducing resilience and cognition, among employees in the COVID era

The Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition (the Index) tells us that post-traumatic stress disorder is driving up stress levels and reducing employee resilience and cognition. The risk of PTSD compared to pre-COVID-19 levels: up 56 percent.

From Human Resource Executive: “This new data suggests that employees continue to struggle…

Data from Morning Consult

The false narrative that increased unemployment insurance (UI) benefits included in the American Rescue Plan are causing a labor shortage in the U.S. took another hit with the results of a new poll from Morning Consult. …

Part of the American Rescue Plan signed by president Biden in March, the first of six monthly Advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments are scheduled to start arriving in bank accounts on July 15. What opportunities could you create for your kids with up to $300 per month per child?

If you’re reading this article, congratulations! Not only are you navigating the beautiful struggle of parenthood, but you are also investing precious free time in planning how best to move your family’s finances forward using the Child Tax Credit!

Let’s jump right in! The two main questions I’ve been hearing…


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